Gremlins, Inc.

In single-player sessions your progress is saved automatically at the beginning of each player’s turn. If for any reason you’ve lost your connection, or the game was abruptly terminated on your side, you can continue your session after being reconnected. To load your saved session, please use the «Load session» button at the upper left corner of the single-player menu window.

Important note: in some cases, saved sessions might lose compatibility with the game due to major updates of the game – in which case you won’t be able to load them. It is recommended to finish your saved sessions before every big update, just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

In multiplayer sessions, if you lose connection with the server or close your client for any reason, you may return to that session as long as it exists (i.e. at least one human player is still playing it). While you are disconnected, an AI bot will step in to manage your character until you return.

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